• Clark Lemuel T. Dacoco

    Chef Sheilla, is it ok to ask question? I Have a question about some cuisine and some word use in the kitchen. 1st What is the leteral meaning of chef?

    • http://www.chefsheilla.com Chef Sheilla

      Hello, Clark! Sure, you can ask me anything. Chef is a person who is a highly skilled professional cook who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation. You must experience working in the kitchen brigade for you to be a Chef. :-)

  • Mau Cabañero

    Chef Sheilla you’re very inspiring to every interns that could read your blog!! Thank you po, and keep inspiring us :) Stay pretty and Kind po. Thanj you din po sa magazine :)

    • http://www.chefsheilla.com Chef Sheilla

      You are most welcome, @maucabaero:disqus! Thank you so much for the kind words. Just follow your dreams!

  • http://facebook.com Kangleon McArden

    Hi! Chef Sheilla your so cool and nice… you’re such an inspiration to every person who dreams to be a CHEF. I like the page and the content of your story. God Bless. :-)

    • http://www.chefsheilla.com Chef Sheilla

      Thank you so much @kangleonmcarden:disqus for appreciating my work! And comment like yours inspire me more to create more recipes and inspire more people, too! God bless you! :-)

  • D Ang

    Hi Chef! Thank you for answering my previous questions :) I want to study pastry and bread making overseas as well, would it be okay to ask how you were able to obtain your scholarship to Le Cordon Bleu? Thanks!

    • http://www.chefsheilla.com Chef Sheilla

      You are most welcome!!! For you to obtain a scholarship at Le Cordon Bleu, you must be their existing student first. Also, you can try james beard foundation, they offer scholarships, too :-)

  • Michael Thomas

    Very impressive site you have here Chef Sheilla ! I am looking forward for your shares ;)P

    • http://www.chefsheilla.com Chef Sheilla

      Thank you so much, Michael!!!😀

  • http://www.chefsheilla.com Chef Sheilla

    Thank you Emiy!!!!😀😀😀

  • Sonia Funelas

    Taking up culinary arts is my dream but my father can’t afford to send mW to culinary school and that’s why I took up bsba major in accounting and worked for 30 yrs in fishing company and now I’m enjoying my life as a housewife reading your pastries posts and it is my dream to bake but I’m 54 yrs old now

    • http://www.chefsheilla.com Chef Sheilla

      Hello! Thank you for sharing your story! Hey, age is just numbers, you can always find time and pursue your dreams and goals in life anytime you want. You just have to have commitment and consistency to make things right. It is never too late! Keep baking! Ask me anything you want to learn in baking. :-)