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Simple Feast for Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to my family and friends in the states! I know that everyone is so busy, and have less time to prepare for this very important holiday! So, I came up with three recipes that you can make without stressing yourselves. Invite your family and friends, and celebrate Independence Day in your backyard with this refreshing drinks, tasty side dish and a main dish hot off the grill!


Strawberry Pavlova

The first time I had this dessert was 11 years ago when I was working as a Chef in Quaglinos Restaurant, London. It gave me a strong impression on how dessert can be relatively simple and luxurious at the same time. With its sweet crispy meringue crust, a soft (not chewy) marshmallow centre, topped generously with chantilly cream, and abundance of seasonal fresh fruits. This has always been the perfect dessert for summer season, as the berries make the totality of Pavlova.

Roasted Chicken with Orange and Honey

Honey-Butter, Orange and Chili Flakes Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken is always perfect to serve if you want to create a beautiful and succulent meal. And I am pretty sure, at some point, most of us reach to the sickening point of the basics; like roasting chicken with the usual garlic, lemon and butter.


Simple Homemade Christmas Sweets

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is busy thinking what to give to their loved ones. Christmas gifts does not have to be expensive, nowadays people tend to forget the simple stuff that we can give or share. If we can just enjoy life's simplicity, it will give us profound meaning of LIFE.


Christmas for Filipinos Abroad

FILIPINO CHRISTMAS…IS IT STILL THE SAME? Filipinos are known for having the world’s longest Christmas season. It is THE MOST wonderful time of the year. In the Philippines, we usually...


Thanksgiving Party

I decided to visit my sister, and her family here in Florida a week ago; to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. It is my first time actually to celebrate Thanksgiving here...


Desserts for Heart of Florida Doctors

Ganache is mixture of chocolate and heavy cream, it is used to make truffles, or as a filling in cakes or pastries. I wanted to make mousse, but it is a long process for the batch that I am making. I did not know that Ganache can be a good substitute for Chocolate Mousse, I learned this trick when I was in Ritz Hotel in London.