Lemon Yogurt Muffin2

Lemon Yogurt Muffins

I have tasted this muffin many times...and I love it! Flavor combinations are excellent; the lemon zest makes the muffins light and more enticing to eat! Don't forget to use greek yogurt, it's the key ingredient that gives these muffins a great texture! You can have them anytime of the day and this will be one of your muffin favorites once you've tried them!

Mocha Muffins2

Double Chocolate Mocha Muffins

Chocolates and a coffee kick combined in a muffin is the most pleasurable way to have if you are craving for both at the same time, no need for a coffee run! These muffins are so moist and loaded with lots of chocolates flavors, let's be grateful for the awesomeness of cocoa powder and chocolate chips!

Applesauce Oatmeal Muffin

Applesauce Oatmeal Muffin

These muffins are loaded with fiber and amazing flavors, a great way to start your day! Aside from these are healthy muffins, they are also moist (thanks to the fresh apple sauce) and enjoyable to eat! This sweet treat is also perfect for school lunch boxes, and easy to grab and go if you are rushing to get ready for work! Bake them ahead of time and store them for few days in an airtight container.


Carrot Oatmeal Muffin

This carrot oatmeal muffin is a perfect treat for breakfast on the go. They are simply enjoyable and moist, packed with carrots, raisins and oats - and won't consume too much of your time making them! When I took them out from the oven, the kitchen and the whole house smelled cinnamon; tempting our taste buds. Everyone had their piece, before I cool it down on the rack...gone in seconds, literally!


Pineappe-Orange and Walnut Muffin

I am beyond happy to present to you this recipe; a mouthwatering muffins, infused with delicious chunks of fresh pineapple, orange, nutty flavor of walnuts. And never skip to brush them with orange glaze while they are warm, it will keep the muffins moist and shiny and easier to absorb more its orange flavor…they are just screaming with wonderful flavors! These muffins are perfect for a tasty breakfast pair with any types of cheese and fruits, heavenly midday snack wherever you are and can be a remarkable addition to any dessert buffet!

Chocolate chip muffin

Chocolate Chip Muffins

This recipe will give you luscious flavor of chocolates without shelling-out a ridiculous amount of money. These chocolate chip muffins are easy to make, ultra moist and so light to eat; you can finish three muffins and you will not feel heavy after having them! And this is a perfect dessert that can satisfy the sweet tooth of anyone who cannot imagine life without CHOCOLATE. Just follow my tips in making them and you will have the best muffins!